Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II- The rise of a new Dynasty in West Africa

The rise of a new dynasty

Could it be the case that we are witnessing the birth of a new Dynasty in West Africa , the Donchield Zu Leone dynasty, headed by Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II himself ?   If we look at some of  Leopold’s  ideas  discussed in the  article  by George Paul and compare these ideas with those of other dynasties in history, one will find that there are some striking similarities in the views how to run a nation, particularly there are similarities with the views and strategies of the Habsburg dynasty in medieval Europe.

Leopold Donchield Zu Leone II believes that development  is linked to nationalism and that the people of a country has a sense of national belonging. Donchield Zu Leone explore the idea that economic development and certain constitutional changes are interrelated. He argues that long term economic growth can only be achieved whereby a political system is in place which make the people feel that they are part of something beyond party politics, they are part of a nation rather than a political party or organisation.


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